2020 (And the world moves on)

2020 (And the world moves on) … Part Two is coming

Many years ago – when I was an active “blogger” on places such as blogspot, twitter, and ??Oh look – WordPress too..

I remember WordPress, as I have something akin to 21 – 26 pages there
(or should I say blog “sites” – as these contain many pages – on EACH site)
Sometimes I get an email ..
From WordPress Admin, telling me I have:
One or more of the sites has a comment (or ten “awaiting approval”
(that I seldom remember to go back & approve – after trashing all the spam)..

But today – I started approving some again – until that is – I read a question about ..

gambar rumah says:
February 14, 2020 at 5:48 pm

Highly energetic article, I loved that bit.
Will there be a part 2?


So I stopped doing whatever I’d been doing and wrote this…
Well it’s what all of us mad inventors do see – !!
As we have tunnel vision and ONLY see (inside our brains)
What is in front of us NOW..
Exactly what we last read, or saw, or did – !!

But of anything before?
Well – nothing else matters NOW – except the present visions in front of us.

Is there going to be a PART TWO ?

Well – yes – I suppose so
Now that I know that there (really) are people
Who come here & actually DO READ my lengthy (verbose it’s called) blogs..

Thus – there is a PART TWO
Or rather (some funny info on) when it too – ???
Is probably STILL coming (from) – before it gets IN here.

re: https://quixnz.wordpress.com/but-whois-quix4u/#comment-626

As for normal everyday items of utter boredom – plus ongoing R&D

For updates and new things to read & watch ”
(yes watch – as videos are there in abundance now – over on FB)

Check this out.

Or got ot the discussion group – (that we run on Facebook) ..
Just to add your THREE cents worth – there as well
No point only having a two cent conversation (here via delayed comments, in WordPress)

When you can have all THREE SENSE – I mean CENTS “worth”
Of daily – chatting, looking AND reading…
On FB’s master website, just add this (tag-line-suffix) onto it’s URL



Where – any comments made will get a LOT quicker response, than here in WordPress
As – we don’t always bother to check (in) HERE – as we’re too busy (every) elsewhere.