Electrical, Plumbing and Builders (Q+A’s)


Trading in New Zealand – since 1965
(mainly in surround sound systems and general inventions)


Wish to advise – that apparently ???

(and this has ONLY been made known to us – recently via other means)

There appears to be some confusion in the NZ PLUMBERS domain ..?
Namely — in their OWN Registration Board’s Office too
(and why would that be one wonders)


Surely it’s NOT the Office of the “plumbers” UNATTAINABLE …
Which would then “make_it” out to be…
The so-called HEAD ? Office:
Of those wanaB plumbers.. whom failed to PASS their own “registrations”..
(And THUS whom must now succumb- to ONLY being junior office worker types.!)

Thus: In order to ENLIGHTEN (the un-enlightenable) within the Plumbers Registration Board.?
I am thus “altering” the terminolgy (explaination) of the QUIX “about” definition
(for the use of PLUMBERS – whom did NOT understand any previous “well_documented” writtings)

So Ok peoples…
Here’s the update:


Are they “plumbers” or not..
The answer my friends is a big DEFINITE…

That can ALL … be (already) easily “FOUND” on:


QUIX … (in New Zealand) … is:
Hinge Services Central Limited (1999):
& We have been “tweeting” for many many years..







Etcetera., Etcertera… etc.

 And.. IF ?
If Ur a New Zealand Plumber .. (or just some twit in an office of their’s)
OMG ..
Why don’t U tweet about THIS …. “Contractor of Plumbers”
Yes why doesn’t the Plumbers, Gas fitters & Master of disgusting diguises…
ACTUALLY READ on-line information correctly…
Eh.? — So that U2 .. can enjoy the ability .. to just WORK ..

Whilst some OTHER COMPANY (a NZ holding company) just adds YOUR NAME ..
To it’s ever growing list.. of RELATED TRADES .. that it sub-contracts ..
Wherenever the need arises .. as WHAT BETTER WAY — to gain extra income ..
Than to have YOUR BUSINESS recommended (to other potential clients) ..
By an ELECTRICIAN BASED — Audio “manufacturing” – NZ Company.?


What’a Ya W8n 4 M8? 

About the term “HOLDING COMPANY” ..

(Of that 1985 Registered Electrician TRADING as: QUIX since 1965)

As ..

(With regards to myself):

QUIX … etcetera etcetera etc…


About the term “HOLDING COMPANY” .. or Registered Electrician.

As ..

With regards to myself:
(whom “later” became SOLE OWNER of my own “holding company” Hinge Services Central Limited- in 1999)

When I became a Fully Registered New Zealand (Industrial) Electrician … back in 1985.
I knew..
(even with what little knowledge an Electrician is supposed to have) :

That I could perform ANY electrical work (in NZ) requiring a worker to be a “Registered Electrician” .. in NEW ZEALAND.
AND — that I could TRADE — under my previously & thus PERSONALLY used -“general agricultural & horticultural” worker …


I also knew (that as an Electrician) I could “legally” SUB CONTRACT any other NZ Registered Tradie
(in whichever field they were holding their registration) ..
and could thus SUB CONTRACT ANY REGISTERED PERSON — to thus:
“work” under the umbrella of my Electrical Sole Trader TRADING NAME — of:

QUIX … in New Zealand (or Worldwide as: QUIXNZ)

Specifically — !
I sub-contracted ANY pertinet tradie I required..
to perform the FULLY REQUIRED “REQUIREMENTS” which were due & applicable —
in their own relevant “TRADE”.

Thus- I have been doing exactly that —
ever since 1985 -when I started officially TRADING as a Registered Tradie (as):


However.. suddenly — around 1992 ..
The EWRB decided in it’s infinite wisdom .. to then ALSO charge an annual fee.. ?
which basically extracted extra fees from all electricians (previously registered)..
so that they could continue doing that which they had always done ANYWAY..
(ie: earn a living).

However.. Myself .?

I have NEVER EVER NEEDED to earn a living wage — “directly” from my electrical registration ..
As after 2003 – I was  BY THEN … ?
ALREADY a fully invalided WINZ “beneficiary”, and thus: UNABLE TO WORK (for myself OR for anyone else)

But.. ?

I still retain my Full NZ Electrical registration ..

Registered (in New Zealand) as:

By which I can do advisory work (for my Company).. with NO physical input..
Or I can supervise minor repair work .. which I can obviously SLOWLY do myself ..
(albeitly over a far longer timeframe than any “quick paid” MUST DEMAND A HIGH FEE — Electrical employee)
 – and thus can DO a far better quality job … than ANY “merely_an” EMPLOYEE paid worker could.

Thereby circumventing the need — to ever PAY for a practicing licence ..
(which IS NOT REQUIRED .. for any electrical work done — FOR NO REWARD).

And thus: A quick search of NZ’s EWRB website..
Will result in exactly that.

Confirmation of my registration.
Without any NEED for a practicing licence (EVER)

Electrical Worker Details


Keith Clare


Licensing details:

Practising Licence is inactive

  • Expired 30 June 2003

Registration / Licence Information

Class Registration Number Licensed
Electrician E 12370 No

Information about any person in the register of electrical workers is held, maintained and may be viewed in accordance with the Electricity Act 1992 and the Privacy Act 1993.

I have traded .. (since 1965 as a general contractor) AND since 1985 as a SOLE TRADE ELECTRICIAN
And.. within my Own Company — AFTER REGISTERING the same– in 1999
Then — have continued doing exactly THAT same type of “work” (unpaid)
within the confines of a NO REWARD SCHEME .. (volunteer services only) ..
Since becoming fully (permanently) invalided .. in 2003

Legally — have TRADED professionally as a NZ Registered Electrician ..
(under my “own” personal 1965 trading name)
Doing ALL later advisory (& Contractual admisinstration) “WORK” .. for NO REWARD ..

I have enjoyed the privilidge of basically doing .. ?
whatever I wish — whenever I desire .. as SLOWLY as I want .. and thus as THOROUGHLY as I can ..

I also knew .. that when I applied for NZ, Australian & International HINGE PATENTS (in 1998 & 1999) ..
I could also “form” my own OWNED:

New Zealand registered “HOLDING COMPANY”:
Registered in 1999 as:
Hinge Sevices Central Limited — TRADING AS:


To then be Fully (LEGALLY) Trading as well – under my own personal 1965 TRADING BRAND (LOGO) MARK:

By not only complying with all trading laws..
Hinge Services Central Limited.. could (also) OFFICIALLY – thus fully RUN AT A LOSS – “forever”
Just as long as I keep “inputting” my own funds .. (to the tune of sweet stuff all)
Which is sufficient to meet basic operational & Compliance fee requirements ONLY thus .. run IT- as a hobby.

All contractual WORK undertaken by & WITH (& thus in conjunction with_ ANY OTHER TRADIE is: “self supporting”
As I am therefore paying my OWN “money” into my OWN Company —
I can then actively VOLUNTEER my time .. to assist MY OWN COMAPNY — to run itself.

Thus QUIX – NZ (Hinge Services Central Limited) was born .. or rather “Incorporated” in 1999 – strictly as a:
HINGE (Patents)
SERVICES (All sorts .. via subcontractors)
CENTRAL (Based obviously.. here in Central Otago)

Thus: My own “type” of Holding Company – as a self sufficient enterprise.

Thus — I .. whom have been known to many NZ’ers
(especially around Central Otago regions)

Ever since 1965 – in all things via inventions & innovations
Plus in Audio, Horticultural & Agricultural work, within all LABOUR ONLY contracting work ..

I was thus able to include my 1985 Registration as an Electrician in my repertoire of offerings for “work”

PLUS.. when establishing my HOLDING COMPANY — in 1999.?
Now trading (& just as BLATANTLY OBVIOUSLY — world wide) as: QUIX – NZ

I have thus — always been trading .. as QUIX (in New Zealand)

To me at least — it was a logical progression ..
When (in 1999) I was establishing the generic OVERALL NZ Company structure —
For my “PATENTS & INNOVATIONS” Holding Company – of Hinge Services Central Limited ..
(which incidentally ALSO trades under my 1965 Personal & 1985 Electrical Trade “TRADING NAME” – of QUIX New Zealand)

I could now state “catagorically” — that ALL “subcontrators” could NOW be “subcontracted” ..
under our entire:
MAIN — fully registered & GST “compliant” NZ COMPANY STRUCTURE


And that all subsequent trading could thus be “streamlined” inside & thus under ONE overall NZ Company Structure– or umbrella.

As we also have always been involved in the Wholesale & Trades “On-selling” (pre-retail) side of all trades,
We have always been involved with ALL related trasies “parts & products”
ie: Building supplies, Electrical Supplies & OMG — Plumbing Supplies too…
Such that we have ONSOLD various “out-sourced” Electrical, Building & Plumbing Supplies:

To not only the Electrical, Building & Plumbing “trades”, but also as well – to many OTHER “related” trades;

AND to the general public both within NZ & Overseas.


Has thus just — over the years since 1965 ..
Simply became synonomous with good (( QUICK_FIX )) service = QUIX.
In that we can ALWAYS be contacted 24/7 .. by a variety of means .. just as we always have been..

Just as always —
We are HERE to offer our best advise, QUIX service .. and ANY complimentary services ..
(via a vast array of applicable OTHER TRADES)
 .. by NOT being “locked” IN ..
To providing JUST ONE TRADIE in each trade..
But can offer across a full range of tradies .. across all related trades..
Either directly under our subcontracted control .. or can simply advice you (at our cost)
Of the best “one” (TRADIE) for your needs .. or the closest or quickest .. or whatever..
To enable your needs to be met – as ? “QUIX” LY … as Possible.

But- !!!
We have never “ever” held ourselves OUT as specific tradies ..

OTHER THAN THAT — of a NZ “registered” Electrician.
Or.. that of:
NZ, Australian & WorldWide “1998” Registered PATENT HOLDER.

We have never onsell ANY GOODS – !
That pertinent items (on-sold) WILL ALWAYS require to be FITTED ..

Plus: Being an Electrical (Based) Innovation & Invention “Holding Company” ..
We take great delight in including in our GENERAL SERVICES.. the ability to liase with many diffferent tradespeople..

Not just registered tradespeople .. but also handyperson services:

Such as lawnmowing, house cleaning, weed clearing, nursing agency advisory information ..
‘Gosh’ — we’ll even go so far .. as to “LOOK” online.. or look through yellow pages even (as often happens)

When someone RINGS US BY MISTAKE .. we even go out of our way —
To “find” the servicve you actually needed .. or the number you wanted.. or the street address..?

Unlike some trades.. such as “?” NZ Plumbers…

WE DO NOT STOP — at the door of Electrical services ONLY.

We originally started trading .. as a CONTRACTED LABOUR ONLY — agricultural services worker ..
But now.. we deliberately liase with ALL sectors of the business & personal services industries ..
And can if required liase direct with employment agencies – if it JUST a few workers that are your requirement ..

PLUS .. any “OTHER” SERVICING WORK – or worker ..
Whom you may require .. we will endeavour to SOURCE these for you
(registered if applicable .. unregistered if also applicable)..

As — (to the best of our knowledge) ..

IT IS NOT YET “a statutory regulation” .. that ORCHARD WORKERS
? May need to hold a PLUMBERS certificate.. to pick fruit.?

Or is it..
OMG — They (the Plumbers Registration Board.. whom sent me that arrogant letter)
They may be right — OMG — Fruit Pickers.. “NEED” to be registered PLUMBERS.!!!

Ah- nah… just kidding eh?
As.. NO PLUMBER — !!!
(with all of their regulatory protective clothing)
Could “ever” pick fruit .. in the (extremely hot) Central Otago Sunshine

Half as good …. as a casual fruitpicker can.

Thus we shall continue to do — what we have always done.. BEST.
And that is to the extent that we CAN & thus will —
“ALWAYS” liase either directly or indirectly with whichever pertinent trades person you may or may not desire..
Such that we “either” SUB CONTRACT tradesman DIRECT — (and charge you for that service) ..
OR .. we will direct you to a variety of tradespeople ..
OIf whom YOU may decide to CONTRACT direct .. in which case ..
We have absolulutely nothing to do — with their charges (that’s entiely between you & them).

But– as to the silly letter sent to ME.. by The NZ Plumbers, Gasfitters & Whatever they called themselves? Registration Board..?

It was “sent” to me– to advise me– that they had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA .. as to what my HOLDING COMPANY actually does..
And thus assumed.?
Hah — that we were plumbers.?
What a lot of codswallop.

Thus — as we said earlier..

It has since come to our notice.. that some people actually have NO IDEA .. that we ? ARE NOT PLUMBERS.

WE ARE — JUST A Holding Company:

Of Innovative Ideas & Patented Products
Analogue (aftermarket) “add-on” Surround Sound Systems.

We also have on board a Single Registered Electrican; whom GIFTS HIS ADVICE — (internally for FREE) to our Company.
Such that our company can then offer an electricians “advice” at extremely LOW rates.

We never have had any tradie EMPLOYED within our organisation and in fact .. !!!

We are ONLY a holding Company.
As Such — ALL TRADESPEOPLE are sub_contracted to us.. to DO THEIR OWN TRADE
(In which they as CONTRACTORS must therefore already HOLD their own registration .. “in their own trade”).


We have never EVER had “even” ONE SINGLE WORKER.?
Whom has EVER been  “employed” in the Company.

& EVEN THE OWNER / DIRECTOR .. is NOT an employee.

QUIX  – NZ (Hinge Services Central Limited – 1999)
Is just a NAME ONLY — NZ Registered — “holding company”.


EVERY TRADESPERSON … is contracted through or by us.


Is only a 1965, 1985 & 1999 (single entity) TRADE NAME.
Whom will – whenever required .. (and as we see fit).
Do ONLY subcontract Fully Registered (Licenced) Tradespeople.
We can advise whom  you should seek .. or we will liase direct.

(and never have been).


QUIX (subcontracts as we see fit) for ALL:

Electrical, Plumbing & Builders (& other related trades)

Because WE “are & always have been”:
Trading as a NZ Registered Electrician – Sole Trader since 1985


Has been operating World_Wide = since 1999

QUIX (dot) CO (dot) NZ

(All services now within the umbrella of our NZ “holding” Company)

Hinge Services Central Limited

Do you have any Questions?
Then goto:


To find the ANSWER
(to all your TRADES questions)

Check_out … (our):
ABOUT PAGE (It “doubles” as our CONTACT US page)


And also our..?
Other “websites” page – & (thus) – THE SHORT LIST

Do NOT simply “goto” a REGISTERED plumber & ask them .. to DO plumbing work
As OBVIOUSLY — they think they are ? SOME OTHER TRADIE ..

Instead of JUST “lowly” …. highly obnoxious & thus very smelly —

NZ Plumbing “type” ..  septic tank dwellers 😉

Because — if U do.?

Then YOU may get some verbal diahorea from the SEPTIC TANK fraternity too

Such as this putrification of written rubbish…


SENT TO ME- “personally” – an Invalid’s Beneficiary

(Someone whom ACTUALLY has not been able to do ANY work- since 2003)

THIS was NOT “sent” to the NZ “QUIX” Holding Company

(the entity- which SUB CONTRACTS NZ “registered” PLUMBERS- as required by LAW)

This: being sent to “me” .. is thus SENT BACK (by way of the old saying)..

U send me SH1T — & I’ll send it back..



Scan of letter sent to ME (personally) for something "incorrectly assumed" by one whom has? Written Effluent from a Septic Tanker.jpg

Scan of: Written Effluent from a Septic Tanker.jpg


About QUIX4U

Profile ? (or is that PROFILES = Plural): Here's a few of ours that are still: Searchable via our main websites: In 2002 ? (#1 was our original 2002 "QUIX.co.nz" Web-page). However we (somehow) lost it after a few years Who knows where it went - all we know is it got hidden. But it's now accessible again ... via http://QUIX.kiwi Plus we also have lots more (to be exact). 14 TLD URL's, and numerous sub-domains. Both NZ and World Wide (such as) via: http://QUIX-NZ.com http://QUIX4U.com http://QUIX4U.co.nz And there's: http://QUIXtm.co.nz It's for QUIX©™ .. "the musician". (at THE BIG IDEA - in Auckland.!!!) Then there's a couple of "self explanatory" TLD's We have these 2 = just 4 fun.!!!!!!! 1/- http://eFlowers4U.co.nz (Free-Gift-Away "electronic Flowers" 4U). + (Just as obviously - we have this) http://L84DNR.co.nz As you WILL "need a packed lunch" (with you) When you go and WATCH "over 300 videos" .!!! + Then there's the WSTLNZ "series": Such as: http://WSTLNZ.co.nz http://WSTLNZ.co http://WSTLNZ.com + http://WSTLNZtm.co.nz The T&S (plus copyrights etc., "legal" page) ~~~~~~~~~~~ We also "registered" a couple more TLD's.. But then forgot where we had "put them": Thus these two are hidden for now too. !!! ie: http://WSTL.NZ (currently "lost" somewhere) + http://WSTLNZ.nz (which also ? GOT LOST too). ~~~~~~~~~ We'll find them someday - when NOT looking for them. If & when we actually need to GO (out) and find them ~~~~~~~~~ Plus: We have lots of pressings at ? 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Another eflowers4U "page" http://eFlowers4U.wordpress.com http://Tripello.wordpress.com + Then there's this one - for my "101+1/2 year old" DAD His war exploits (if I ever have time to upload these)? https://n8242hec.wordpress.com Along with? Wow -- some more.. eg: http://tiny.cc/QUIX_PIX http://QUIXNZ.blogspot.com + http://tiny.cc/QUIXNZ_Trademe http://tiny.cc/QUIX_Trade And a dead one.! http://QUIX.wikispaces.com (deceased) Some faceless one's http://www.facebook.com/QUIX4U And then there's YT (YouTube) http://youtube.com/QUIX4U (via) http://L84DNR.co.nz ..... etc etc etc .. As we've (also) lost a few (others) too now.!!! Plus for 100's more forum posts and chats etc.? Such as a few extras that we've since added: (at least the one's we can REMEMBER adding) .... Goto: QUIXNZ (and thus some of our other) WWW's via: http://wp.me/P1em9I-P Our NZ & Int. (main) Trading Name/s are: QUIX©™, QUIXNZ©™, QUIX-NZ©™, QUIX4U©™, QUIX-3D©™, TRIPELLO©™, EFLOWERS4U©™, L84DNR©™, and: WSTLNZ©™ ~~~~~~~~~~ Thus all the above, are just "some" of our MANY (many) other /// Brands /// Trade Marks /// etc., Our short? QUIX©™ ("QU_ick.f_IX") list is/are as follows: WSTLNZ (trades as): QUIX, QUIXNZ, QUIX_NZ, QUIX-3D and TRIPELLO = QUIX - NZ Our ? City/Town/Locality/ (or whatever): Roxburgh, Central Otago, South Island - New Zealand. (Postal Code 9500 - for a residential street address - that you will find elsewhere) ... SNAIL_MAIL Address that to: QUIX P.O.Box 79, CBD Roxburgh. NZ Postal Code 9441 (Commercial) Owner's Occupation: CEO And Retired (thus just very ? re:) TIRED. As (unemployed) owner of "own" owned: NZ Registered Company: Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited: t/a QUIX©™ since 1999 Thus originally fully Incorporated in 1999 and thus t/a: QUIX - NZ©™ (Hinge Services Central limited) And (since a very good name change in 2012) also as: QUIXNZ©™ + WSTLNZ©™ Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited, NZ Expertise: ? Surveyor/Draughtsman / Registered Electrician / Innovator / Manufacturer / General Servicing / On-Sales / Oh - and since 1998 - a triple - FULLY PATENTED INVENTOR .......................................................................... Plus: (so says the owner in his own words): >>> I have personally, since 1965 As well as ever since 1999 (after incorporation) via my OWN (NZ) Company: Have been ... Rather "extensively involved" with all forms of R+D But most specifically, In relation to my 1965 INVENTION = an "analogue 7.ch audio" (Have tested a 25 ch SPHERICAL "surround" system). CHECK IT OUT -- He did a MONO (cell-phone video recording) of it: And uploaded the result - onto YouTube, via QUIX4U©™ (www.L84DNR.co.nz) Re: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub0S8eTijrA Here now is a little snippet (of): The owner's (personal) comment, is as follows: About Me: I am Keith Clare. (a rather old XXY Eunuch) Owner, Sole Operator, Primary Innovator and; Patented Inventor, QUIX4U is my "generic" 1965 TRADENAME /TRADEMARK (Brand) That I 1st "coined" from quickly fixed (or as a quick fix = QUIX), Which quickly also turned into QUIX = 4 U.! (As in a "quick fix" - made for you) Which was something a Neighbour had said to me..? After I had "hand_made" an item for him (circa 1965), When he'd come to me - in desperation, (I WAS JUST 12), As he knew- I was good at making "things_work" Without the correct parts, or instruction manuals. He couldn't SOURCE a replacement agricultural "part" So I simply "made" my own QUIX version, which worked well. Thus I continue to trade as: QUIX, QUIXNZ QUIX-3D and QUIX4U Plus as: eFlowers4U, L84DNR and TRIPELLO (having always thus being = a Part-time / Sole Trader- since 1965). And then - as a separate identity. I created a NZ Company - to self run itself. Thus - both it's and my own.? Yes.. My T+C's (TRADE POLICIES) also fully comply with: All relevant NZ Trade Laws, Acts and Covenants. As well as with WIPO Copyright ((simply because)): I also do extensive research into legal specifications, Whilst investigating ALL patent and invention records. As I've done- for many, many years Prior to .. well -- about now actually.! So - check it all out.. Anywhere actually.. Via: GOOGLE SEARCH Or via a BING, YouTube or HERE (search) Although the HERE (here.com) mapping service ? It isn't all that accurate ... at present. Or ... all that truthful either - as we have found. As.. (shock horror) We've discovered that their HERE website's about section Actually "lies" ? And they aren't YET anywhere NEAR "here" (with map accuracy, nor with "up-to-date" info) As seen on their website's maps either. ;-)
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6 Responses to Electrical, Plumbing and Builders (Q+A’s)

  1. quix4u says:

    But …!
    If that doesn’t fill your mind — ?
    Nothing will.

  2. Looks like you are an expert in this field, you got some great points there, but you may also want to add a few other weblink buttons to your blog, or not – your choice. I just bookmarked this article, although I had to complete it manually. Simply my $.02 🙂

    – Daniel

    Comment RE_EDITED by (WordPress) Blog Administrator:

    Thankyou Daniel
    But I don’t DO – “facebook” – & thus simply re-edited your suggestion (“you will want to add a facebook button”) – into a slightly BETTER version – being simply a … “my choice” (for some “more” WEBLINK buttons, or not …)


    Post-script, subscript, new-script…
    (or whatever it’s supposed to be)
    Added on 31/ March/ 2012.

    Additional info:
    We are NOW on FB yes..
    But with some several DIFFERENT pages
    (and a few accounts too)
    Being personal, business, and public figures etc etc.. ?

    It is NOT prudent of us .. to “just” limit your enjoyment.
    Not of following JUST ONE – !!!
    (unlike before when given other FB user’s single follow buttons)

    ALL of “our” facebook followers will “need” to go forth.
    And discover (direct)…?

    Any and thus all (of ours) from within facebook itself.

    Oh and have fun .. finding ALL of our FB (many) accounts.

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