QR codes

QR codes..

Our original Microsoft (hosted) Web-blog created in 2006/2007

Which is instantly accessed via:

With the help of (& thus) via Tiny.cc | a Simple URL Shortener.

Or “now” you can go there into:
QUIXNZ _ QUIX4U _ QUIX-NZ’s original “on-line” 2006/2007 (microsoft dated) files.

via the new QR code (for QUIX_PIX)..

Plus there’s another new QR code..
Being this that goes into our WSTLNZ “side” of things .. at:

Which thus showcases our latest “on-line” auction profile page.. within Trade Me (NZ)
ie (try the new QR code for WSTLNZ .. over on  Trade Me):


QUIX©™ 1965 – present
QUIX4U©™ 1985 – present
QUIXNZ©™  1999 & 2002 – present
QUIX – NZ©™ 1999 & 2002 – present

WSTLNZ©™ 2012 – present

Digitally signed as:
Keith Clare.
Roxburgh, New Zealand


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