U’ve heard the expression …

U’ve heard the expression …
Bob’s ur uncle, Trev’s ur friend & Will’y doesn’t know JACK_***
Well – Now U can tell "Willy" exactly WHERE – to go….
            & When "Willy" gets there:-               
She’ll learn everything she NEEDS TO KNOW
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My “Latest” Innovation & Inventions

My "BUSINESS" website – at "FindA" – explains these more fully

<<<<<< IT’S ARRIVED  >>>>>>

A "massive" 25x Channel Decoder.


<<<(currently undergoing testing)>>>

Next "project" somewhere "IN" the pipeline >

Is the (at least) 6x Ch. Gamer’s_Helmet "Surround Headgear"

The following is a "general description" of the:-

"Nine" channel decoder – "enneagon.ophonic" system –

& how it "can be utilised" for furthur expansion.

(making easy upgrades to 10x ch’s"; 12x.Ch’s & "beyond"…)

The :Latest: (Currently Manufactured) – additions to my range
of (ANALOGUE) 3D-Surround.Sound.Decoders – are based on:-
The "enneagon.ophonic" 9.3xCh. surround-sound system.
Is fully suitable to "DRIVE" directly – into ("matched.reactance")
Speakers in the following manner …
Mains:- 6x.Channels (can also be used with 2 & 3.way crossovers)
"PLUS" 3x ALL_PASS "heavy_duty" semi-sub_speakers , 
It is NOW also possible – to gain:-
the FULLER_VOICED "Decagon.ophonic"
(which is a 10.4x Ch. 11x speaker surround-sound system)
And is IDEALLY suitable for:-
up to 20x. "semi_matched.impedance" (2way.crossover) Speakers,
and also a "POWERED" (centre) MONO 1.1x.Ch. Multimedia unit.
The "enneagon.ophonic" can "ALSO" be utlised in conjuntion with:-
& 3x more 1.1x "powered" Multimedia units:-
to make a "Monster" dodecagon.ophonic  12.6x.Channel "AWESUM" system.
Then – if you so wish:- 3x more 1.1 multi-media units
is then ALSO simply connected across A CERTAIN
(DIAGONALLY) "symetrically.opposed" terminal.point;
which will thus allow the ENABLING of said "multimedia unit" …
to "GAIN" the extra 3x.Channels…… of C/L + C/R +C/C
(taking your system – to an amazing 15.9x. Ch’s)
Unlike "OTHERS" (in the world) ….
whom converted to "DIGITAL_MEDIUMS" …
because they "couldn’t" BRAIN_LOCATE this concept ….
I am well.aware that these may ALL be sourced & "DIRECTLY_DRIVEN"
from the standard "outputs" of any normal (High_Power) 2x.Ch. STEREO amplifier;
as well as being "furthur.decodable" via (more)
QUIX-3D "TRIPELLO" decoders –
for use with (auxillary) "AMPLIFIERS" for "EVEN MORE CHANNELS" –
including being able to DECODE "intermediate" & PASTEL COLOURED channels…
(OR where low.level.signal pre-amp-circuits are used as the
"PRIMARY" 2x.Ch. stereo.AUDIO.supply source)
Up to & beyond the (currently testing) QUIX-3D "MEGA_PHONIC" 25x Ch. System
Even if "most" audio.specialist suppliers ARE_NOT aware of this concept…
now you can advise them "WHERE" (on earth) they can FIND these.

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Wow … What more can I say…
I "spent" a special Saturday with this "group"
(the weekend after their grand opening of Labour weekend 2007)
– And once again –
this thrill of being a part of an enthusiastic Railway club
which was "just wow" … caused me to ask myself:- "WHY?"
"WHY" am I living SO_FAR_AWAY…
from "happy HOBBY activities" such as these…?
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Trains -Trains – and even more “LIVE” NZR – “TRAINS”

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“FINALY” – Somewhere to “GO” – to “BUY_ME” (www…)

FIRST:- Be a little “Subliminal” —- go >under_cover< deep inside
Trading as:
1/- vincent-john
2/- quixnz
(But only “participate” if a resident in NZ or Australia)-
“POP” onto the TRADEME COMMUNITY “tab”
(Then “key_in” either of my two username’s – as listed “above”)
Happy Trading
Cheers …
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Want-2 “FIND_AN_ADDY” = anywhere in NZ ???

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“Always Learning” – That’s what we are…..

"Always Learning" – That’s what we are….. (these were among the "last.words" which my 99year.old "Grandmother" said to me – prior to "passing-into" her next phase of existance ….).
Therefore:- it is with pleasure – that I "continue to discover" everything.
Thus:- When I "heard" awesome music – eminating from someone else’s blogpage … I spent a while – searching the various "HTML" code (provider’s) "websites" … to also "pass-these’ on to anyone – whom visits my site – and has a similar interest in "utilising these"….
They are herein listed:-

… this is the "site" to get a "free" website hit rate / visitor "logger/counter" function;
… this is the link – to enable an "all-files" hosted (online) webuploader – to share safely – music, video & other files – directly into any blog/ webpage – without complicated hostings; providing probably the best widgets range – I have thus far encountered;
… & this the "country flag" – your own IP identity flag – widget.

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Web Access Information – where2from.here

Hahahaha – my "WORLD" is expanding  … (along with my waistline) … and so:-
"Once Again" I come with NEWS of yet more "places" to see … (QUIX-3D "TRIPELLO")
1st … try http://blogsearch.com/ & key-in:- QUIX-3D "TRIPELLO"
(the extended search now runs around 228 results – most of them mine);
2nd… try www.spaces.live.com/quix-3d-tripello-on-line/  (Ooops – that’s here);
3rd… try http://www.xanga.com/TRIPELLO (started – but nothing added);
or "just-about" ANY combination of these:-
Such as:-
and:- for those of you … WHO NEED A MAP …
LASTLY… [this_1_is_4U]
A simple GOOGLE search of:- QUIX; QUIX-3D & QUIX-3D "TRIPELLO" … etc.. etc..
….will return you some very interesting "variables"…. Of:- (`"*-._ mwa _.-*"`) = My_World_Around =
E.Flowers _-\@!*/-_ for everyone …. go forth and propogate …
(Car bumpers, Dirty equipment panels, Bus steamed_up_windows … etc)
These are "Waterless, Timeless & Wiltless" – & will survive many years of neglect
And are BUT:-
   a single RED @ ROSE,
   a tall GREEN ! Leaf, &
   a wee BLUE * Carnation….
ALL _-\wrapt/-_ in "PINK.TINSELL.PAPER" … 4U
              (small important notice)
              – these are "waterless" –
THEREFORE:-any person "doing so" :-
Having TOTALLY idemnified me against all (of anyone’s):-
              … stupid such acts …
 as your PC – shall simply "GURGLE & DIE"
             …. (To:- All others) ….
May you enjoy many years of "ultra-long-life-flowers",
They shall always be as fresh and youthfull as they need to be. 
          (Just as we all are – INSIDE)
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QUIX-3D "TRIPELLO" On-Line – just expanded.

Hi – well here "I" go again … somewhere "ELSE" to expose the masses – to "QUIX" – in this vast NEW PLAYGROUND.
This – is the "latest" blog-page which "I" (we, us, him, it) have "germinated" upon the internet garden of entertainment & knowledge.
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Want to “KNOW” – exactly – “where you’re going” ???

If – like me – you are averse to actually "using" such things – as street signs & other useful objects (which invariably tell – of useless locations – other than where you are actually going) – then this NZ Map – may actually "HELP" – as one simply "Zooms-In" (hence the site name) – to not only "FIND" – the place you are going to – you can EVEN "read" the actual street addresses – right off the MAP.
Come to NZ – and "look around" (before you leave home – or while "in" NZ)
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