That’s correct:

QUIX4U – (wants to gift you this) – FREE_GIFT



Screenshot these now & save to: PAINT

Now… Simply “Google” that keyword





And all – shall be revealed “there” (for free)

There’s now lots of EDUCATIONAL videos

As well as “Non_Standard” audio info too.


Do not download .. not commercially use any of this

Instead .. goto the original artist..

And “buy” their work the correct way

These audio remasterings (here) ..

Are only to educate you – on Accoustical properties .. of audio



Now we have these available – for INSTANT ACCESS

TWO FREE GIFTS — yes, and the 2nd is this:

QUIX4U’s got: “A_Round_Tuit” 4U

And .. yet these are still mine (as well as yours now):

BOTH FREE GIFTS – are already “up” for grabs ..

On our TWO “main” NZ (on_line) Active Auction Sites

Of: Trademe & Sella

(that we also “sometimes” use – for normal tradings)

PLUS.. both of these – have dedicated:

QUIX (tiny’d) URL’s



(as well as our “original-/-personal” 3rd auction site)

3 Responses to FREE GIFT’s 4U

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  2. Pingback: E_Flowers4U & 4_evry_1 | E_Flowers4U

  3. quix4u says:

    U couldn’t be bothered looking eh?

    Well then .. try this: =
    (note – the 1st URL is same size as it’s destination URL – just with a “better” name)

    My own desinged “E_Flowers”
    Which I can give (FREE) 2U


    These are but waterless,
    timeless, & wiltless,
    & so shalt last 4eva…

    All just tossed 2U this way – ???
    (after being hand picked & gently):-

    In “Pink.Tinsel.Paper” 4U …

    There’s a Single …
    @ Rose (RED)

    Also a Long_Tall …
    ! Leaf (GREEN)

    & plus there’s a tiny_wee
    * Carnation

    This is just BLUE

    As seen upon & thus from …
    just “one” of my many weblinks


    Keith Clare.
    Entreprenuer Extrordinaire

    & for a few more…?
    QUIX – NZ

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