“Welcome” –

We are “QUIX – NZ”™
Hence this page is entitled as:

Having purchased several WAP capable cell phones in mid 2001 and knowing that Telecom NZ was soon to operate a WAP (cell phone) Internet Portal called Djuice™ (where our email was: “QUIX@” )

Here’s a copy of our original “QUIX@djuice.co.nz” email address:

And as any good IP detective knows, to find owner of Djuice.co.nz
The WHOIS trail .. leads one directly to SPARK (Telecom) NZ.

NOTE OUR EMAIL ADDRESS “QUIX@djuice.co.nz” used in 2001/2002/2003

We thus initiated our own designed QUIX™ website at WordPress.
re: “QUIXdotCOdotNZ.wordpress.com” (timestamp dated: Nov 2002).

That was our first website URL,(which we bought as “QUIX.co.nz” and which we “assumed” would be hosted via DJuice™, as our WAP (Data Web Port) Telecom.NZ™ “internet service provided” website.

Because we “believed the hype” .. given to us (in 2001/2002) by our Telecommunications CELL phone (& future internet) provider.!

AND: We believe YOU (also) would have “assumed” this to be true.

When you check out the HYPE, we were told was ours (to access).

Read this 2001 Telecom NZ Report on the ISP / WAP services that were to be offered via their Djuice™ WAP portal to their clients


Click to access 2001_annual_report.pdf

Specifically: PAGE 14 (For Telecom NZ’s WAP cell phone clients).


These were the WAP SERVICES via Djuice™ which we were “told of”.!
For use with our “2001 purchased” CDMA Cellular WAP telephones.


Telecom has brought the best in mobile communications technology to New Zealand with the launch of the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network.

To access the Internet while on the move, to see what’s on at the movies or to check your bank balance and move money about, you can use your CDMA phone.

The new network was launched in July 2001 after 18 months of development, and a NZ$200 million investment in the world’s
fastest growing mobile technology.

CDMA technology has 90 million users in over 30 countries.
CDMA is the most efficient wireless technology available today.

Voice quality is superior to other mobile networks and close to that of a fixed line phone, while coverage is even better than Telecom’s TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) network.

In addition, CDMA handsets transmit at low power levels, which maximises battery life and talk time.

Telecom CDMA customers can use their phones in Australia – New Zealanders’ most common travel destination – and in the United States.

Similar roaming will soon be available in Canada and Hong Kong.

CDMA customers with WAP capable phones can access djuice™, a mobile portal that enables them to easily customise their mobile
Internet services.

During 2002, Telecom is planning to increase data speed over the CDMA network up to a peak of 144kbps – an average speed similar to a standard dial-up connection on fixed line networks.

With increased speed, CDMA services like email, online banking and ticket booking will become even quicker.

Telecom is taking a staged approach to the launch of
The network and handsets were piloted with 2000 customers, dealers and staff before the new service was launched commercially through some dealers principally to the business market.




Why.? Because we were already a “switched on” WAP at that time.!

Telecom’s Djuice™ ISP customer service was in it’s infancy.?
(or it’s Djuice™ ISP technicians, were ONLY their own infancy)
No-one at Telecom NZ could figure out how to correctly configure our 2002 website URL, to land on (& thus show as “QUIX.co.nz”) the WordPress page where we had created the actual QUIX™ website.

Thus – for all the ensuing years (since then) our “QUIX.co.nz” website has fallen into “dead-web-space”, via TELECOM.NZ 404’s.

Now (after 13/14 years) one would assume that Telecom, nowadays, could figure out what went wrong (all those years ago in 2002).

Um – NO – sorry, they still can’t “provision” it for us.!!!!!

So – our QUIXNZ™ “QUIX.co.nz” 2002 website CAN NOT BE FOUND:
If one simply dials that into your address bar.?

But it is still searchable via the long-name URL we created:
At: https://QUIXdotCOdotNZ.wordpress.com

However – we finally gave up in disgust at Telecom’s feeble excuses, and created a far QUICKER.FIX™ (yes another QUIX™ term)
When we bought a new URL (elsewhere) and self provisioned it as:

With respect to our later QUIX™ Blogspot URL’s, created in 2007.

(as yet I still have not fully completed the "initial-stages-of-startup" for this (my new):- QUIX-3D "TRIPELLO" OnLine "BLOG.PAGE" – but I shall "persist" and attempt to also "keep-U-posted" on progress?????)

Check this out now on: “QUIX-3D TRIPELLO OnLine”

Or read our “main profile page” thereon.!!!


Proving beyond “any” shadow of doubt (if one ever existed).?
That we are (and always were):
QUIX™ and QUIXNZ™ = “QUIX.co.nz” (QUIXdotCOdotNZ.wordpress.com)
Online since Telecom NZ’s ISP services OWN infancy, in 2001/2002.

Anyone “else” who later “claims” to be QUIX™ or QUIXNZ™
Based ? ANYWHERE ELSE in New Zealand
Can be proven to be doing so – in breach of:
New Zealand’s “Trade Mark Act 2002”.
And also in breach of:
New Zealand’s “Fair Trading Act 1986”.

QUIX™ of 1965/ 1985/ 1999/ 2002 – 2015
Belongs ONLY – “to the following two entities” – in New Zealand.
Whom both continuously t/a, as well as contiguously t/a, QUIX™:
We are “together and separately” known as:
Keith Clare (trading personally since 1965 – 2015+)
Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited, New Zealand
(formally: Hinge Services Central, New Zealand)
Trading in Business (from 1999 – 2015+)

Anyone else “claiming any rights” to our unregistered Trading.As
MARK, is doing so in BREACH of both [quoted] NZ Trade Enactments.


About QUIX4U

Profile ? (or is that PROFILES = Plural): Here's a few of ours that are still: Searchable via our main websites: In 2002 ? (#1 was our original 2002 "QUIX.co.nz" Web-page). However we (somehow) lost it after a few years Who knows where it went - all we know is it got hidden. But it's now accessible again ... via http://QUIX.kiwi Plus we also have lots more (to be exact). 14 TLD URL's, and numerous sub-domains. Both NZ and World Wide (such as) via: http://QUIX-NZ.com http://QUIX4U.com http://QUIX4U.co.nz And there's: http://QUIXtm.co.nz It's for QUIX©™ .. "the musician". (at THE BIG IDEA - in Auckland.!!!) Then there's a couple of "self explanatory" TLD's We have these 2 = just 4 fun.!!!!!!! 1/- http://eFlowers4U.co.nz (Free-Gift-Away "electronic Flowers" 4U). + (Just as obviously - we have this) http://L84DNR.co.nz As you WILL "need a packed lunch" (with you) When you go and WATCH "over 300 videos" .!!! + Then there's the WSTLNZ "series": Such as: http://WSTLNZ.co.nz http://WSTLNZ.co http://WSTLNZ.com + http://WSTLNZtm.co.nz The T&S (plus copyrights etc., "legal" page) ~~~~~~~~~~~ We also "registered" a couple more TLD's.. But then forgot where we had "put them": Thus these two are hidden for now too. !!! ie: http://WSTL.NZ (currently "lost" somewhere) + http://WSTLNZ.nz (which also ? GOT LOST too). ~~~~~~~~~ We'll find them someday - when NOT looking for them. If & when we actually need to GO (out) and find them ~~~~~~~~~ Plus: We have lots of pressings at ? WordPress via: https://quixnz.wordpress.com https://quixdotcodotnz.wordpress.com (This is where we found - our ORIGINAL 2002 "lost page") + https://quixtrademark.wordpress.com https://quix4u.wordpress.com https://quix3d.wordpress.com https://quixinnovation.wordpress.com https://quixelectricalplumbingbuilders.wordpress.com https://quixorg.wordpress.com https://quixdownunder.wordpress.com https://quixwww.wordpress.com (made while trying to find our 2002 web page) + https://quixbuilders.wordpress.com https://quixelectrical.wordpress.com https://quixplumbing.wordpress.com https://quixrelatedtrades.wordpress.com https://tripello3d.wordpress.com https://quixnewzealand.wordpress.com https://quix4schopenhauer.wordpress.com https://quixrel8dtrades.wordpress.com Then there's? Another eflowers4U "page" http://eFlowers4U.wordpress.com http://Tripello.wordpress.com + Then there's this one - for my "101+1/2 year old" DAD His war exploits (if I ever have time to upload these)? https://n8242hec.wordpress.com Along with? Wow -- some more.. eg: http://tiny.cc/QUIX_PIX http://QUIXNZ.blogspot.com + http://tiny.cc/QUIXNZ_Trademe http://tiny.cc/QUIX_Trade And a dead one.! http://QUIX.wikispaces.com (deceased) Some faceless one's http://www.facebook.com/QUIX4U And then there's YT (YouTube) http://youtube.com/QUIX4U (via) http://L84DNR.co.nz ..... etc etc etc .. As we've (also) lost a few (others) too now.!!! Plus for 100's more forum posts and chats etc.? Such as a few extras that we've since added: (at least the one's we can REMEMBER adding) .... Goto: QUIXNZ (and thus some of our other) WWW's via: http://wp.me/P1em9I-P Our NZ & Int. (main) Trading Name/s are: QUIX©™, QUIXNZ©™, QUIX-NZ©™, QUIX4U©™, QUIX-3D©™, TRIPELLO©™, EFLOWERS4U©™, L84DNR©™, and: WSTLNZ©™ ~~~~~~~~~~ Thus all the above, are just "some" of our MANY (many) other /// Brands /// Trade Marks /// etc., Our short? QUIX©™ ("QU_ick.f_IX") list is/are as follows: WSTLNZ (trades as): QUIX, QUIXNZ, QUIX_NZ, QUIX-3D and TRIPELLO = QUIX - NZ Our ? City/Town/Locality/ (or whatever): Roxburgh, Central Otago, South Island - New Zealand. (Postal Code 9500 - for a residential street address - that you will find elsewhere) ... SNAIL_MAIL Address that to: QUIX P.O.Box 79, CBD Roxburgh. NZ Postal Code 9441 (Commercial) Owner's Occupation: CEO And Retired (thus just very ? re:) TIRED. As (unemployed) owner of "own" owned: NZ Registered Company: Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited: t/a QUIX©™ since 1999 Thus originally fully Incorporated in 1999 and thus t/a: QUIX - NZ©™ (Hinge Services Central limited) And (since a very good name change in 2012) also as: QUIXNZ©™ + WSTLNZ©™ Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited, NZ Expertise: ? Surveyor/Draughtsman / Registered Electrician / Innovator / Manufacturer / General Servicing / On-Sales / Oh - and since 1998 - a triple - FULLY PATENTED INVENTOR .......................................................................... Plus: (so says the owner in his own words): >>> I have personally, since 1965 As well as ever since 1999 (after incorporation) via my OWN (NZ) Company: Have been ... Rather "extensively involved" with all forms of R+D But most specifically, In relation to my 1965 INVENTION = an "analogue 7.ch audio" (Have tested a 25 ch SPHERICAL "surround" system). CHECK IT OUT -- He did a MONO (cell-phone video recording) of it: And uploaded the result - onto YouTube, via QUIX4U©™ (www.L84DNR.co.nz) Re: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub0S8eTijrA Here now is a little snippet (of): The owner's (personal) comment, is as follows: About Me: I am Keith Clare. (a rather old XXY Eunuch) Owner, Sole Operator, Primary Innovator and; Patented Inventor, QUIX4U is my "generic" 1965 TRADENAME /TRADEMARK (Brand) That I 1st "coined" from quickly fixed (or as a quick fix = QUIX), Which quickly also turned into QUIX = 4 U.! (As in a "quick fix" - made for you) Which was something a Neighbour had said to me..? After I had "hand_made" an item for him (circa 1965), When he'd come to me - in desperation, (I WAS JUST 12), As he knew- I was good at making "things_work" Without the correct parts, or instruction manuals. He couldn't SOURCE a replacement agricultural "part" So I simply "made" my own QUIX version, which worked well. Thus I continue to trade as: QUIX, QUIXNZ QUIX-3D and QUIX4U Plus as: eFlowers4U, L84DNR and TRIPELLO (having always thus being = a Part-time / Sole Trader- since 1965). And then - as a separate identity. I created a NZ Company - to self run itself. Thus - both it's and my own.? Yes.. My T+C's (TRADE POLICIES) also fully comply with: All relevant NZ Trade Laws, Acts and Covenants. As well as with WIPO Copyright ((simply because)): I also do extensive research into legal specifications, Whilst investigating ALL patent and invention records. As I've done- for many, many years Prior to .. well -- about now actually.! So - check it all out.. Anywhere actually.. Via: GOOGLE SEARCH Or via a BING, YouTube or HERE (search) Although the HERE (here.com) mapping service ? It isn't all that accurate ... at present. Or ... all that truthful either - as we have found. As.. (shock horror) We've discovered that their HERE website's about section Actually "lies" ? And they aren't YET anywhere NEAR "here" (with map accuracy, nor with "up-to-date" info) As seen on their website's maps either. ;-)
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